According to current forecasts, the largest share of the entire future energy supply including electricity, heat, mobility and industrial processes will be based on solar power. The enormous investments required for this transition need to be metrologically underpinned by a corresponding expansion of the quality infrastructure.

Perovskite-based cells have emerged as one efficient and low-cost option, which European organisations are seeking to rapidly scale-up and commercialise in applications such as PV integrated into buildings and vehicles and indoor energy-harvesting.

This project will improve the European metrology for emerging PV technologies such as perovskite-on-silicon tandem devices and indoor-PV devices to support this huge challenge.

The photovoltaic world market is worth about 100 billion Euros per year. New systems attract investment based on the estimated energy yield, which depends critically on the power rating under different conditions. Thus, every percent of measurement uncertainty leads to a financial uncertainty of 1 billion Euros. Studies predict a further increase in the market share of emerging PV that is required to preserve the high growth rates of PV. Therefore, lower measurement uncertainties as well as realistic standards are needed to reduce the financial uncertainty and thus safeguard the investments required to achieve EU’s Green Deal targets.